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Yellowstone 2012

I was in Yellowstone May 12th-18th 2012.Alot of Bear activity between Mammoth and Norris.Several really nice Grizzly bears.You could follow them from valley to valley up and down the road.They would hang pretty close to the road you could spend several hours with them.Weather was nice that week.I camped in Mammoth campground.Took a few hikes around Mammoth.In the Lamar valley alot of wolf activity missed out on some good opportunities was a little late on several chances for wolf photos.Was able to get some video on an elk kill.Good trip over all.




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I was lucky enough to be in the Teton area for 6 days.The weather was beautiful,until the last day when I left.

The fall colors were as good as they were going to be,Hard weather moved in I’m sure alot of leaves fell.

Was able to photograph three nice sized Bull moose.In the Gros Ventre and Moose area.

I would have loved to get the Black Bears on Moose Rd.Only seen one Bear,there was a controlled burn th the area.

I’m sure that had something to do with it.Met alot of nice people had a great time


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I was In Yellowstone the week of May 14th only four days.2011
Lots of snow in YNP at this time.
Plenty of wildlife filmed the old bear called scarface in Lamer Valley, he walked for 3 hrs without stopping along the river.
Finally stopped on a kill,he had a hard time swimming through the river.Also filmed a grizzly by Lee Hardy rapids just up from fishing bridge.Large bore on a bison carcuss just across the river.
That was a 5 hr shot this guy was real timmed didn’t want to come down.
Got a few grey wolves crossing the road on the Lamar Valley,of course running away.
Was able to walk the closed road to Tower ,several black bears next to the road.

Heading back up to YNP June 12th for a week try it again.
Will be in RMNP memorial day weekend go to the north side to check on the moose.
Robert Humphrey wildlifenaturephotos

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